X Software solutions

Thanks to the international involvment in research for developing new applications and techniques for elaborating images, security applications, certification authority and digital signature, we propose solutions at the state of art in terms of standards and technologies. We have very skilled people in different technology fields able to resolve any kind of problem.

Tretag is specialised in developing application on iOS and Android smartphones, or we can provide multiplatform solutions on Linux, OSX and Windows.
We create software in different application fields:
Security, Geolocalization, Productivity, Social and communication.

Our strategy is based on accurate analysis of user requirements and on designing solutions with no obligation of usage of propietary or 3rd parties technologies addressing technological choises based on real needs of our customers with an optimization of our development process.
X Video and image

Tretag is a young reality capable to provide valid solutions quickly thanks to our decennial experience in computer graphics, image processing and international standardization (JPEG, MPEG, ITU).

Another important point of Tretag is given by the technology matured in computer graphics (2D and 3D) that permits to get high efficiency in still images and video compression implemented with innovative solutions.

The long experience in the international standardization (JPEG and MPEG) makes our solutions in line with all the most recent standards and permits to Tretag to be an important company in encoding and decoding for HDR (High Dynamic Range) format for still images and movies.

In HDR video Tretag has innovative solutions capable to improve in old SDR movies and convert them in HDR format, solutions for realtime encoding and decoding and many types of video player for any needs.
X Ad-hoc development

We design and develop components to integrating into existing infrastructure, plug-ins and professional software used in broadcasting chain or modules to add in post-processing pipeline.

Thanks to our experience in standardization JPEG and MPEG we materued great knowledge in all image and video formats in this way it's easy for us to develop image and video converters to add in professional softwares.

It is very simple to configure our stoftware and it is continually updated for always better results.
X Security and Encryption

Thanks to our patent portfolio and to our propietary and standardized solutions , Tretag is already matured important experience in security field provinding in past frameworks used in important PKI infrastructures (for example in IBM companies), developed software for digital signature, time stamping , libraries for encryption of video streams for security cameras (used by Finmeccanica).
All our solutions are based on very light and efficient libraries easy to integrate in infrastructures of any size.

The great experience in security field and PKI permit us to work with big companies and provide professional consulting.

Our knowledge of video encoding mixed with our security solutions provides great strenght for digital rights management or simply to ensure privacy to your security camera videos.